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Mothership: Dead Planet, Episode 1

September 6, 2019

Welcome to a special recording of the Charisma Check Podcast! This is the initial session of the Mothership RPG system where we begin the module Dead Planet by Tuesday Knight Games. Our crew begins a scientific research mission that immediately goes awry, stranding them in space along with dozens of derelict spacecraft. Can they navigate the dangers of unexplored space and make it out alive?

This initial episode will be free for all listeners, but if you enjoy the content, we will continue the series as a reward for supporting our Patreon!

Host, Warden, and Editor:  Peter Johnson

Visual Artist and Musician:  Carl Belue

Booker, a.k.a. "Organ Trail" is portrayed by Carl Belue

Francis "Flank" Larcen s portrayed by Nathan Wintermute

Dr. Suvi Anard is portrayed by Chris Cash

E.L.I. is portrayed by Jacob Frank