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Dystopia Goons, Episode 1: Eatables, Drinkables, and Funables

January 29, 2020

Join us for our inagural adventure in Dystopia Goons, a hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons RPG. Our Goons emerge from their society's long seclusion to seek out food, water, and entertainment. What kind of bizarre things will they find in this brave new world? How many of them will die? How many obscure references can they make?

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Editor and Referee:  Peter Johnson

Visual Artist, Co-Editor, and Musician: Carl Belue

Phineas Bartholomew Belfontaine, Esq. is portrayed by Adam Flynn

Fergalburg Lucius Valentino II is portrayed by Carl Belue

Robert Lachlan the Bruce is portrayed by Chris Cash

Derick Derrick Derrekson is portrayed by Nathan Wintermute

Mungo is portrayed by Jacob Frank