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Charisma Check: Episode 33, Monstrosities Abound

April 15, 2020

Welcome to our first episode recorded while practicing social distancing. We're still getting used to recording remotely, so the audio quality isn't up to our usual standards, but we hope you'll forgive us! 

The confrontation with Five Chains escalates to new eldritch heights, and the Crew has to struggle against exhaustion, a lack of divine powers, and the horrifying emanations from beyond the void. Will Cloud finally get his revenge, or has the Crew finally met their match?


Host, Editor, and Dungeon Master:  Peter Johnson. 

Visual Artist, Co-Editor, and Musician: Carl Belue. 

Silver Cloud Over Mountains is portrayed by Adam Flynn. 

Pip Hiltfray is portrayed by Carl Belue. 

Hawthorne Flaxtop is portrayed by Nathan Wintermute. 

Aizen Cruxis is portrayed by Jacob Frank. 

Davor is portrayed by Jessica.