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Charisma Check: Episode 23, So, What is Hawthorne Doing?

December 11, 2019

With the party still split, will Aizen and Pip face an insurmountable foe in the likes of Cassius? What will Cloud and Lilith find by observing the Wrong Yak? And exactly how nice of a day will Hawthorne have? Find out this and more in our newest episode!

Bonus: play "Count the Nat 20s" at home!

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Host, Editor, and Dungeon Master:  Peter Johnson

Visual Artist, Co-Editor, and Musician: Carl Belue

Silver Cloud Over Mountains is portrayed by Adam Flynn

Pip Hiltfray is portrayed by Carl Belue

Lilith is portrayed by Chris Cash

Hawthorne Flaxtop is portrayed by Nathan Wintermute

Aizen Cruxis is portrayed by Jacob Frank