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Charisma Check: Episode 18, Prepare for Trouble~

November 13, 2019

Hold onto your seats, and don't touch that pause button. THE MOST INTENSE EPISODE YET has just dropped. Don't worry about a cliff hanger for too long, this is a DOUBLE UPLOAD week. We know we can't make our viewers suffer that long without a resolution. Our heroes discover a little more than they expected at this seemingly peculiar lighthouse. A semi-finale you do not want to miss, on this episode of Charisma Check!


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Host, Editor, and Dungeon Master:  Peter Johnson

Visual Artist, Co-Editor, and Musician: Carl Belue

Pip Hiltfray is portrayed by Carl Belue

Lilith is portrayed by Chris Cash

Hawthorne Flaxtop is portrayed by Nathan Wintermute

Aizen Cruxis is portrayed by Jacob Frank